Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Project 12: August

I'm excited to be on the ball with Project 12 this month! August was a lot of fun and even though I love summer, I'm also looking forward to fall. To help me keep track of the month, I kept a list in my phone to help me remember everything I wanted to add as it happened. A few small things got cut, but all the good stuff was included. I also knew from the get-go what paper I wanted to use. It's all Crate Paper's "Pier" line with a few Project Life cards from the "Kraft" kit mixed in.

Here's the left hand page. It talks about the state fair, my first (and delicious I might add) zucchini bread, and a last minute trip to the horse track.

I really like using a photo as the title space. These plastic letters from Crate are really fun so I knew it'd have a cool effect on the page. I've also been using my roller date stamps more. It's good for a subtle way to note the date and I'm not gonna lie, it just plain looks cool.

Here's the right hand page. It features putt-putt, a baseball game, and a weekend at the lake. I tried to use a combination of detailed openings and some plain photos that had just a little embellishment.

I also included a 6x12 insert to add a few more stories this month. The front of the insert talks about my Dad collecting smurf happy meal toys for my sister and I. (It's a classic "Dad" move.) The back of the insert features my parents' trip to Denver to see my sister. I realize it wasn't my trip, but my Mom and sister took too good of pictures for me not to use them. Plus, I did get presents from the trip so that should count for something.

Like I said, there were too many good photos so the back insert also got an extra flap. Next month I'm taking a trip out there so there will definitely be another insert for October.

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