Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Post

I'm using this post as a place to show my craftiness. I've found that it's hard to find people that truly appreciate handmade items for what they are; imperfect, rough around the edges, but made from the heart. Luckily for me, I have a crafty family to share my excitement with. Although I have a feeling that they sometimes get tired of me showing off the new paper/fabric/craft book that I just found. Even if it is something completely different from any other paper/fabric/craft book that I already have, it's still just a piece of paper, fabric or craft book; at least that's how it starts out. In the end it will be a unique scrapbook page, comfy quilt, or cute animal. So to save my Dad the effort of faining excitement over my newest project, this will be my place to show my crafts.

To go with my first post, here is one of my craft projects. I made it last summer, but I'm still proud of how it turned out. I even managed to sell of few of them in a craft fair where my Mom had a booth. The pattern came from the book "Knitted Toys" by Zoe Mellor, but my Mom and I had the idea for the glasses.