Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Go Lucky

I haven't been doing very well with posting lately (understatement, I know) so I'm gonna try to get back on track. It seems with everything my attention span comes and goes in waves. Not much scrapbooking has been going on lately, but with CHA going on and knowing TONS of new lines will be coming out; my hope is that if I make more pages I won't feel so bad buying more paper. The lines I'm looking forward to most are from Crate Paper (two I really like) and October Afternoon (they have three new lines coming and I'll probably buy bits from each). Earlier today I made a Crate page with paper from a year ago, but first I'm going to show an October Afternoon page I also did today. It's with their '5 and Dime' line which was a more recent release.

As a disclaimer, no scrapbookers were harmed in the making of this page. We were goofing around on the stairs and it started with me practicing dancing like Baby in 'Dirty Dancing' and turned into me pretending to fall. Silly pictures can sometimes be the best kind. Plus they always end up being fun pages to do.

I wasn't sure what the title was going to be until I saw the little card that said, "lucky" and the banner stickers spelling out "happy". After that, "Happy Go Lucky" seemed perfect. Plus, it gave me a chance to mix and match different fonts and embellishments. It really turned into a fun page to do.