Thursday, June 13, 2013

Project 12: May

My week of no computer has come to an end. It's fixed and back so now I can post my May Project 12 layouts. I had them done in time for the Gossamer Blue contest, but couldn't get them posted. It was the first time I didn't have it up by the due date, but I had it finished so I figured that's what matters.
I've noticed there's definitely a trend going thru my Project 12 pages... outside pictures. Lots and lots of pictures of my yard. This month I was able to throw in some pictures from a night out with friends and lake pictures. The papers are a combination of Echo Park's "Photo Freedom volume 1" and their new "Here and Now" line.
Here's a close up of the left page. It's all about starting my garden and working/playing around the front yard.
The right page talks about summer starting and opening the lake cottage. I like that this month gave me more opportunity for writing. An upside of using premade 3x4 cards.

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